What is an Estate Sale?

Traditionally an Estate Sale is a way, in the event of death, for surviving family members or an estate executor to efficiently and simply liquidate a large amount of the household items and worldly possessions left behind. During times of grieving, this can simply be too daunting a task! We understand that, and the help of an ethical and professional service like ours is crucial to getting through a sad event like this.

Holding your own estate sale involves a tremendous amount of preparation and thus a good option is to hire a professional estate sale service like Weekend Cache. If you are thinking of holding an estate sale, here is some information and preparation tips to consider before that event.

Estate Sale vs a Garage Sale

An Estate Sale is not a big Garage Sale.. The goal of an Estate Sale is to liquidate all of the articles of an estate at a fair price, not just a few unwanted items for minimal cash.

When you begin to think about all of the furniture, clothing, appliances, collectibles, tools and various household items that comprise an estate, clearly the scope of an Estate Sale can be quite large. The preparation, cleaning and staging of all of these items is a massive undertaking for most people and often the seller doesn’t have the background to know what their items might be worth in the second hand market.

Estate Sale vs an Auction

Certainly auctions are a good option in specific situations, but often the circumstances requiring an Estate Sale simply demand more preparation and attention than an auction company can provide. In addition auction companies generally deal in furniture and antiques - not the hundreds of everyday items in our homes.

Auctions generally appeal to a much smaller population segment.. typically those interested in collectibles, antiques and furniture. An Estate Sale can reach this same market in addition to a much larger group of buyers simply looking for bargains.

At an auction, as the seller, you have very little control over the prices sold, while our Estate Sale services provide you the option to place reserve pricing on many items! And last, but not least, the seller is usually responsible for getting the items to and from the auction house.. and that can be a very large investment of time, effort and money.

Preparation Tips

It is a good idea to do some cleaning and organization before we arrive as you will want to make sure that any personal documents or memorabilia you want to keep is set aside. However, do not throw away any items until we have had a chance to walk through the home! Many items have unexpected of value including:

»  Old magazines and Books
»  Children's games and dolls
»  Logo-type ashtrays (such as ashtray from casino's that no longer exist)
»  Sports memorabilia (such as mishmash of college football glasses)
»  Gaudy costume jewelry
»  Vintage or dated clothing and accessories (shoes, hats, gloves)
»  Books, music albums and 8-tracks
»  Old Photographs and Paintings
»  Dated kitchen utensils, bowls, everyday dishes
»  Chipped, broken dishes or glassware (craft people love this stuff)

Estate Sale Services

Weekend Cache will organize, clean and prepare the area where the sale is to be conducted. We will provide tables and display cases as needed for the best arrangement and display of the items to be sold. Drawing on years of industry experience and 3rd party resources, we will inventory, appraise and tag all items to be sold.

We will advertise and promote your sale by many methods including direct e-mail, flyers, local classifieds and high quality signage. We will conduct the sale in a professional and efficient manner and we will, at our own cost, hire as many people as necessary to ensure the highest level of service and security.

In short, we will do everything necessary to take the worry and stress out this process and make your Estate Sale a pleasant and successful event! Don't hesitate to call us today and schedule your free initial consultation.